TCP over UKLight TCP flows, no background traffic, router buffer=25% BDP, duration: 900sec

  • Any two TCP flows from the list : (newReno, bic, cubic, htcp, hs-tcp, scalable)
  • Flow 1 starts a time 0.0 sec, and flow 2 at time 60.0 sec.
  • Bottleneck router buffer is set at 25% of BDP.
  • SACK ON, TCP segmentation offload (tso) OFF
  • TCP plots for Thruput, cwnd, RTT and drops at router

    Jain Fairness index:

    Throughput ratio :

    Link Utilisation:

    Packet drop ratio at router:

    Click below for detailed time plots==>

    TCP: NewReno

    TCP: bic

    TCP: cubic

    TCP: htcp

    TCP: highspeed

    TCP: scalable